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Welcome to Héroïne

The Brand Experience Agency

We work on all facets of the Experience through Strategy, Design, and Retail Education.

A good experience is the positive delta between the lived experience and the anticipated experience

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The R.O.X.TM method

The R.O.X.™ (Return On eXperience) is a method designed by Héroïne to audit the performance of a brand's or its competitors' touchpoints (retail or digital).

The goal is to create guidelines to program experiences, and thus design engaging and performing spaces and mechanisms.

The 5 pillars of the method

Each pillar addresses one facet of Experience, responding to specific customer expectations, and engaging customers over the long term.

Immerse yourself in

Our vision of retail

is the physical store dead?

With more than 15 years of experience in retail
and design, the two co-founders of Héroïne Rémi Le Druillenec and Quentin Obadia released in 2021 their first book "Is the physical store dead? R.O.X.™ to the rescue".
Currently being written, a second book is planned for 2023.

let's imagine
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Let's imagine your

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